Training – iTunes U

The Experience of Immersion: Experience on Demand – Stanford University.

A conference talk by Jeremy Bailenson who is the founding director of Stanford University’s Virtual Human Interaction Lab, a Professor in the Department of Communication at Stanford, a Senior Fellow at the Woods Institute for the Environment, Faculty Director of Stanford’s Digital Learning Forum, and a Faculty Leader at Stanford’s Center for Longevity. He talks about the study of virtual reality systems and how it changes verbal and non-verbal interactions, behavior and outcomes. At the Virtual Human Interaction Lab they build Virtual Reality programs and test what can be done with them. Such programs have included an earthquake simulator (which caused a 60 Minutes reporter to have a panic attack), a ocean reef simulator that illustrates the effect CO will have on the oceans and a training program for athletes. The presentation is what I expected from the description, a university professor speaking enthusiastically about his field. I found it interesting and enjoyed watching it and learning more about virtual reality and its uses.Production quality was good for a conference filming, multiple camera’s and clear audio. It was a 1.3gb download so I would have been disappointed if the quality wasn’t there!  4.5 stars.


Branding, Content & Social Media: Lecture on Content – The Ohio State University.

This is a class lecture by Christine O’Malley, Communications Consultant, Office of Human Resources at The Ohio State University. It is a PowerPoint presentation with a voice over, not what I was expecting. There was no description aside from saying it was a university lecture so I expected a video of a lecturer up in front of students. I found this one a bit boring and the presenter sounded a bit like she was talking to primary school students at times rather than adult university students. It struck me as a little ironic that she was talking about content and capturing audiences. The production was very basic, there was background noise and the pictures were not clear enough to be able to see properly. This was clearly for students of that particular class and not for general public viewing. 1 star.


Effective Social Media: Designing Targeted Content and Messages in Social Network Marketing – Liberty University Online.

A brief presentation by an unnamed Liberty University lecturer. It was filmed outside so there is some background noise and the video is a bit pixalated so not of a particularly high quality in that regard. The man presenting does so with confidence and from this little snippet I gather that he would be quite a good teacher.The title is a bit misleading, he doesn’t go into designing targeted content and messages. He talks about looking at examples of other companies and how they use content and messaging to help get and understanding of an audience and what is working. 2 stars.


Social Media : Twitter – University of South Florida, College of Education

This presentation is audio only. It is of University of South Florida Associate Professor Kelli Burns answering questions about Twitter. The production quality is fair, you can clearly hear and understand the conversation but there is a little background noise and crackling. Kelli explains what Twitter is and how to use it. She gives examples of the influences that saw big increases in the use of twitter, it’s place as a news service, how it gives the opportunity for interaction with people you would not likely be able to interact with otherwise, and the negatives that can arise from using it. I was expecting video, so in that regard it didn’t meet expectation but otherwise it was a good overview of what Twitter is. 3.5 stars.


Free Speech Debate. On Free Speech 4: The Power of the Web – Oxford University

This is a radio current affairs style podcast that is audio only, presented by Katie Englehart and Brian Pellet. Not what I was expecting from the description, I didn’t expect a current affairs program and I didn’t expect it to include other subjects aside from the two in the description. Some of the interviews have background noise and and/or poor quality audio. The music used is a bit annoying. Some of the topics discussed includes digital activism and hacktivism, tracking rape in Syria, people being discriminated against for wearing a catholic cross. The title is not really accurate for the content. 3 stars.


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