Training – Learning Websites

Piano Nanny provides free online Piano lessons. It starts with the very basics and you move at your own pace, not moving on to the next lesson until you have completed the current one. It uses clear, understandable language that even a complete novice to piano will be able to understand. I completed the first lesson, it only took a few minutes, but I have had previous instrumental music experience. This was done without signing up. The quality of the website is good, they have made the images smaller so that the pages load quicker but the are still big enough to read and understand. It exceeded my expectations, much easier to use than I anticipated. I may just have to learn to play the piano! 5 stars.


Duolingo teaches 20 different languages including English, Russian, French, and Vietnamese. It is a bright, user-friendly website and it is free to use. I completed two lessons in Italian and was told at the end of these that I was 1% fluent in Italian. I did this without having to sign up first. The quality of the website is very good, easy to use. It exceeded my expectations, particularly because it is a free site, some of the paid language sites are not as user friendly as this one. 5 stars.


Khan Academy offers free classes and courses for learning at every level. The Subjects are Mathematics, Science & Engineering, Computing, Arts & Humanities, and Economics & Finance. They also have Test Prep and College Admissions. This is an American website so it is skewed toward their curriculum, so the Test Prep and College Admissions sections have limited value to Australian audiences. I could not use it without signing in first. They use a combination of tasks and YouTube tutorials and as you move through tasks you acquire points. I got a little lost, at times when a YouTube video came on I didn’t know how to move on to the next task. It was pretty much what I expected except I didn’t realise that it had subjects other than Math before I went into it. It seems to be a good site for kids but as an adult it annoyed me a bit. 3 stars


Code Academy teaches you web developer skills. You can learn to build professional websites and applications with the basic version or you can upgrade to the Pro version for more features and capabilities. I selected Make a Website. It showed me a video clip of a website and then went on to show the coding behind it. I could then enter different text in the coding to change the example running next to it. The production quality is quite good but it is definitely aimed at someone with an interest and a little prior knowledge. I found myself getting a little confused as i have neither of these! I wasn’t sure what to expect before going on to this site but there was a lot more content in there than I expected. 4 stars.


Cool Math 4 Kids is a fun site to teach kids mathematics skills using games, quizzes, brain teasers and lessons. I played a couple of games and quizzes and, thankfully, did quite well! It is an American site though so the games involving money is a bit tricky if you don’t recognise the American coins. You are often playing along with, or up against, other users but it is all anonymous. This is a colourful, easy to use site of good quality. It met my expectations based on it’s name of Cool Math 4 Kids, it is just that. 4.5stars



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