Training – Mooc

MIT OpenCourseWare (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) offer material from over 2300 courses. They provide web-based publication of most of the MIT course content. OpenCourseWare is “open and available to the world and is a permanent MIT activity”. They have courses translated into various languages as well so this is a very accessible program. Subjects include Business, Engineering, Fine Arts, Health and Medicine, Humanities, Science and more. I was surprised how much was on offer, I expected the content to more restricted. It is an easy to navigate website featuring various ways to find a course that suits. It has good descriptions of the courses with details of who is teaching it, “as taught in” dates so you know when the course was taught and what level it is. 4.5 stars.


edX offers courses from several Educational Institutes from across the world including Harvard University, The University of Queensland, The RWTH Aachen University and the Australian National University. The courses are clearly identified with “Credit-Eligible” or “Verified”, a fee is payable for verified certificate courses. edX is open to everyone except those in the Crimea region of Ukraine, this is due to a US political sanction. I was impressed with the range of courses on offer, a bigger range than I expected.  The quality of the website is very good. It has bright, clear thumbnails for each course and it is easy to search through them as well as browse. 4.5 stars.


Curtin University states that they believe in “ensuring that education is accessible to all”. They offer a small range of short courses on a variety of topics for free. I was surprised how small a range it is. If there are more that I couldn’t find, then the website needs some work so it is clear how to access them. They include YouTube clips to give potential users a brief overview of the subject you are looking at. Before enrolling you are provided with information on the possible learning outcomes. I think that Curtain University doesn’t offer as good a product as some of the other providers. The website is not up-to-date in either style or content. 2 Stars.


Class Central offers access to thousands of MOOC courses. Class Central gathers links to education providers and offers an easy way to browse or search for what you want. There is a list of trending MOOC’s as well as a “spotlight” section comprising of Class Central selected courses. User friendly, smart looking website which is easy to use. This is the type of thing I would expect when using a MOOC website, and it makes sense to have a website that covers many MOOC providers. 5 stars.


Swinburne University Autism MOOC -In 2015 Swinburne launched a highly successful MOOC specifically for people who work, live or care for people with autism. This was launched on World Autism Awareness Day in 2015 and had more than 15,000 participants. They now offer a selection of MOOC’s for professional development and an Autism MOOC Team. The 2015 MOOC is self paced and you are able to register interest in up coming MOOC’s and information sessions. Course guides are available for download. While not a big range of courses, it is an important resource for those dealing with autism. Straight forward, user friendly website. 5 stars




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