Training – Online Lessons

Ted Talks – Stephen Wilkes, The Passing of Time, Caught in a Single Photo.

I enjoy Stephen Wilkes enthusiasm for his art and his photographs are beautiful and interesting. Stephen speaks with clarity and confidence about his subject and I found his talk very interesting. If I had the time and stamina to spend a whole day up a cherry picker I might be tempted to try it! A well presented talk which is informative but probably more interesting for photography enthusiasts like me. Certainly met expectations and I expected a high level of of delivery from Ted Talks. 5 stars.


TeacherTube – Photoshop Introduction was disappointing. The video is of low quality so while the features of photoshop are being demonstrated you can’t see clearly what is actually being demonstrated. It has resulted in the video being near useless. The audio is not great either, it is not done with a proper microphone, its got that tinny echo quality. It is not likely that people will stay to watch the whole presentation. Disappointing. 1 star


National Geographic – Adventures in Photographing England’s Urban Wildlife is a thoroughly enjoyable lecture presentation but a young man who photographs animals in urban areas. Bertie Gregory is confident in delivering his presentation and is charming and funny. He starts with showing photos of himself as a child, always a good way to start! He discusses the different types of animals that can be found in urban England, some of which are quite surprising. He also tells a story of a woman who mistakenly thought that he was taking photographs of her changing in her bedroom. Production quality was high as I expected from National Geographic but the presentation was more enjoyable than I anticipated. 5 stars.


National Geographic – Behind the Photo is a series of short videos explaining the story behind a photograph. This particular one is of a wild Macaque who has just woken up from anaesthetic. He comes from a Macaque community which is highly diseased and at risk of passing those diseases on to the human population in the same area. Beautiful production quality and interesting information in a short package. 5 stars.


TED-Ed – What cameras see that our eyes don’t is and interesting short animation explaining how cameras can be used to see things that we can’t see normally. For example something too fast or too small or too distant. An informative piece that would work for school children as well as adults. Production quality is good and overall it met my expectations of a TED-Ed presentation. 4 stars








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