Library MOOCs

Idaho Commission for Libraries offers MOOC courses specifically for Library staff. They do not require registration, you just click on the course you want and start learning. There are tips on how to get the most from the courses and a list of competencies supported available to you before you start. Topics include Building a Collection, Evaluating Reference Sources and Introduction to MARC Cataloguing. I found this a very interesting resource and I will be bookmarking this page. 5 Stars


Course Sites offers the New Librarianship Master Class helping Library staff navigate the changes and technologies that are a part of a modern library. Unfortunately, I was having difficulties with the website and was unable to browse as a guest. There were not any list, thumbnails or briefs of the courses that I could access. This will impact the uptake of courses. Enrollment is required to undertake the courses. Website appearance and functionality was disappointing. 1 star.


SJSU (San José State University) School of Information has allowed free public access to some of their lectures originally for their students. The MOOCs are concentrating on the emerging trends and technologies of Information Services. SJSU are quite new to offering MOOCs so there isn’t a lot of choice but, as they deliver Master of Library & Information Science, you feel confident of the quality. Website is a bit clunky and old fashion, MOOCs are not listed with a brief, thumbnail or preview. 3.5 stars


MOOC List gathers together courses from various sources but only offered two Library Science courses; Library Advocacy Unshushed & Teaching Library Research Categories Strategies. They list topics that will be covered and Library Advocacy Unshushed a YouTube introduction to watch. It was a bit disappointing that of all the courses on offer there was only two for those wishing to further their library knowledge. The website is well formed and easy to use. 4 stars.


New Librarianship Master Class is a MOOC available from director of the University of South Carolina’s School of Library & Information Science, R. David Lankes. He has an impressive CV lending weight to the expected quality of his MOOC. There are video introductions and clear dot points of the course content. The website is clean and easily navigable. R. David speaks clearly and seems to be a natural educator so while there isn’t a range of MOOCs to select from what is here is interesting and well delivered. 4.5 stars

New Librarianship Master Class/MOOC Archive


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