Training – YouTube

The subject I have chosen is Watercolor painting.

Paint With Me! Watercolor Basics for Beginners.

A tutorial in the basics of watercolor painting. The presenter describes the items she is using as well as some alternatives options. She explains what she is doing and the different effects that can be achieved with the different techniques. Production is not of high quality, obviously done with limited resources and skill. The tutorial hasn’t been well planned out, she often pauses to think of what she will do next, so production quality is affected by this. The title and description is accurate, it does show basics for beginners. 3 stars.

Lee SooHyuk [Watercolor Painting]

This is a timelapse of the painting of a portrait of a woman’s face. There is no commentary just classical music. The production is quite good, it doesn’t go so fast that you can’t see what is being done. I would have liked to know what products were being used though. The only description is “Hope you enjoy it^^~” and I did so it met expectation in that regard. 4 stars.

Easy 3 Color Watercolor Sunset

A quick tutorial is painting a sunset scene with three colours. The description is accurate, and includes what colours were used. She rattles on a bit in her commentary getting off track a bit at times which is a bit annoying. Talks about dirty hands, thumb wound and a horse costume. She does describe what she is doing between these things. The editing is a bit clumsy and at times you are unable to see what she is doing because of the fixed camera angle. I did learn though and I might give this a go. 2.5 stars.

icy stream winter landscape in blue

Same person as the Easy 3 Color Watercolor Sunset clip, which I didn’t realise until I heard her voice, but improved production on this one. This time it is a timelapse clip of a winter scene and the voice over is recorded separately giving a better quality of production. No talking about horses or thumb wounds this time. This was a good instructional clip and based on the description is what I expected. 4 stars.

How to Paint a Cherry Tree in Watercolor – Splatter Painting Trees – Paint a Tree – Sakura

A tutorial on how to paint a cherry tree using a splatter technique for the blossom. The quality of this production was good, clear image and clear commentary. The video adjusted in speed to allow the viewer to see the detail of what was being done but not allowing it to get monotonous by spending too much time on the same thing. The tutorial was what I expected from reading the description, I enjoyed it and I would watch other tutorial by this artist. I has inspired my to buy some watercolor paints and try this technique. 4 stars.



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